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"Marketing is an eternal journey to connect with customer while elevating value & experience."

Namita Tiwari
2000, Starting at Symbiosis, Pune India

Namita pursued her Master's Program In International Business from Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune, India
.She stepped out of Symbiosis with glittering eyes and a passion for marketing. Her two years of experience at Symbiosis was full of knowledge, experience and memories which made her certain about her inclination towards marketing

2002-2008 ,Product Marketing

Marketing for banking software products Finacle at Infosys and FinnOne at Nucleus gave enriched her experience

2008-2013 ,Business Marketing

For five long years at HCL, Namita worked on campaigns, launching products and solutions at events, field marketing and engaging with prospects and sales leadership teams closely towards success

Digital & Content Marketing, 2013-2021

Mid of 2013, Namita was hired at a mid-size firm Coforge to start their digital marketing function from scratch. And by the time she left the company in 2016 to work at Accenture. Namita had already launched website brand refresh, ran many successful webinars and integrated digital campaigns at Coforge. In Accenture, Namita led Message House, Account based marketing and Thought Leadership Programs and worked extensively on digital and content marketing and worked from 2016 to 2021. She then worked for Tata Communications for an year leading messaging and content

Marketing Leadership role at Wipro, 2022
  • Namita is a Strategic Marketing Director and Head of Marketing for Cloud Infrastructure Services, one of the key global business lines worth $ 2.5 B out of total $10 Billion revenue of Wipro

TEDx Speaker with Strong Industry Presence

Namita is a Popular Speaker and Communicator with evident industry presence, giving guest lectures on marketing & leadership at business schools & speaking on marketing, digital and content at numerous industry forums

She has conducted 30+ guest lectures and workshops

She gave a TEDx Talk on Magic of Marketing iMetaverse in April 2022

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